Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Video Gamed Out.

So over this week I may have logged in around 5 hours total of Aion. I just haven't felt drawn to log on. I still like the game, but I just don't feel like playing it. In fact I don't feel like playing any video games at all, which does happen to me from time to time. In fact I am surprised it didn't happen sooner. So I am stopping playing video games for a while now. I will still log on every once in a while to do a few quest and sell some stuff but I won't be playing any video games for 7 straight hours like I did when it came out.

I think I may try and build the server I was planning on doing until I got caught up in WAR and Aion. I may read too. If anyone else has any ideas while I take a break from video games I will more than gladly hear them. I will probably keep you updated with what I am doing.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I am working on two projects right now. One is a video of me using my favorite abilities, Inescapable Judgement, and Face Smash. They are short clips that I am editing together and adding music too. I don't have the full version of fraps just the trail so it isn't be best quality. I would have the full version but since my truck costing 700 dollars to fix I am a little short on cash at the moment.

Another project that I am working on is an armor cost guide to the green and blue recipes. This is a time consuming project but I will try and complete it as fast as possible.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Soul Healing and Me

I am really starting to hate pugging in this game right now or maybe it is just Fire Temple. Ok puggers here is something you should know when you are running with an experienced tank that knows the pulls.

1. Never run ahead of me please. Also never go out on your own, just stay close to me unless you know for sure that there are no adds around.

2. If you do pull something run to me not away, I can't get them off of you if you run away from me.

3. Don't break the CC please.

4. On boss fights focus heal me. If the dps dies because of AoE than that is there own fault but if I die that is the healers fault. This applies to only boss fights.

5. Tanks are usually nice guys and can understand dieing. We rolled a tank and we should expect to die more often than any other class in the game in pve. So please be nice to the tank or we may leave, don't yell at us or anything or we may leave. Even when it was your own fault for pulling 4 extra mobs.

6. If a shield drops in pve and it applies to the tank more please let them have it. I will gladly take a shield over a weapon any day, because it is my job to take damage not deal. So clerics and glads, I know you can use them but just because you can doesn't mean you should. I will not roll on a shield that has concentration or mp on it though.

7. What goes around comes around. If you do roll on my shield I will roll on your mace and greatsword.

Just some observations I had this weekend from pugging Fire Temple. I hate that place with a passion now.

Friday, October 9, 2009

How You Sound

Vent is an awesome application to use in any online gaming but especially in a MMO. I discovered vent when I started playing War about 10 months ago. It is a great way to communicate and dominate people. You can always tell who is running vent and who isn't when you run into a group of people in pvp.

With that being said you will run in to different types of characters in vent. There are little kids who try to act all big and bad and cuss in vent in there annoying scratchy voices. I hate them, not because of there age but because they try to act older by cussing. You will have people in vent that will say anything to anyone and yells and screams at everything. You will have the older people telling rude and racist and sexist jokes in vent without regard to who is in there. Then you will have the mature people who know when to have fun and when to be serious and kill things.

You will also run in to people who surprise you with how they talk. Now me personally I have been told quite a few times that I have a southern accent in vent. I find that hard to believe but I take it as a compliment because I like to think of my self as a good ol' boy, but I grew up thinking that I didn't have one because I thought I sounded just like the people on tv but apparently I don't and have been told time and again that I have a southern accent, but I have been told that it is sexy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What To Do While Crafting.

So I am sitting here doing some armorcrafting because I don't have long to play because I am heading out somewhere. Yes I do have a life other than video games. Surprising isn't it. So as I am sitting here I am trying to think up ways to past the time as you craft and here are some ideas to help the time pass by just a little bit faster.

-Watch TV

-Listen to Music

-Make Dinner

-Eat Dinner

-Surf the Web

-Watch Paint Dry

-Play With Matches

-Pay Bills

-Poke Eyeballs Out With a Fork

-Clean Your Apartment/House/Bedroom

Actually anything else is more fun the crafting. Leave a comment with your ideas of what is better than crafting.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Targeting in the abyss sucks. When I try to tab target players it always switches to npc instead of to a player and it gets annoying. I have lost a few targets because of targeting not working right. I think in the abyss if there is a player close by and you tab target it should go directly to them and not to a npc like it does.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Interesting Weekend

So I finally hit 30 Sunday and I got to use my awesome wings. Those things are nice especially with flight pots I can fly for almost 3 minutes. That means easier aether gathering as well as I can chase down those pigeons, I mean Elyos. Here is a picture of me and our General Deity in the Siel fortress (We lost that fort later on that night but more on that later). Don't we look alike. Also don't I look like a pink Optimus Prime with how I am geared right now. I think I am going to keep my color pink because it is so much worse when you die to someone in pink.

So about the Siel Fortress that we lost. We had held off two Elyos attacks trying to get in through the second entrance. The we get the message that a Balaur Battleship is in the area. So I was thinking this should be interesting. Time to see what this ship looks like and how hard these guys hit. So I fly out to see what this ship looks like and it looks awesome. The developers did a really nice job designing them.

On another note don't fly to close to that ship because if you do you will die very fast and very painful death.

Also the Balaur took our fort very easily. There was no way to defend it with our low levels and our forces spread out. I do know that the the Balaur were hitting our General for about 3% each time they hit him and that it took about 2 to 3 minutes for them to take him down.

On a side not I saw a GM the other day and he was pretty cool. Had a nice little chat with him about different stuff. He was there because he was getting rid of a botter which was nice. I am glad they are doing something about the botters and the gold spammers. I have 46 gold spammers on block right now which is a lot. Also the GM looks awesome in his armor.

This is him running away. I tried to chase him down, but he got away from me.