Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Video Gamed Out.

So over this week I may have logged in around 5 hours total of Aion. I just haven't felt drawn to log on. I still like the game, but I just don't feel like playing it. In fact I don't feel like playing any video games at all, which does happen to me from time to time. In fact I am surprised it didn't happen sooner. So I am stopping playing video games for a while now. I will still log on every once in a while to do a few quest and sell some stuff but I won't be playing any video games for 7 straight hours like I did when it came out.

I think I may try and build the server I was planning on doing until I got caught up in WAR and Aion. I may read too. If anyone else has any ideas while I take a break from video games I will more than gladly hear them. I will probably keep you updated with what I am doing.


  1. Hay,

    You have a very nice blog going on. Would you like to trade links?

    I'm going to go in detail about the spiritmaster class, and crafting.

  2. Blaze,

    I am sorry to see you go. I understand the video game burnout. I felt that way about Warhammer, but two days later I was absolutely bored out of my mind, and went back until Aion came out.

    I had all these grand plans to do RL stuff, but I soon found out I just didn't enjoy it any longer. I love my life right now as a gamer, and blogger.

    I could spend my whole days playing Aion, and spending time writing my blog, posting in forums, twittering, googling, and whatever else. I actually have found myself addicted to my blog more than anything. I think I may even have an OCD about it.

    Once again thanks for being part of the WAR, and Aion blogging community. I enjoyed reading, and commenting on your blog.

  3. Oh I am not closing up shop I still enjoy blogging and I am not quitting totally. I am just taking some time off from it to enjoy other stuff. I plan on coming back to Aion in a couple of weeks and as I stated in the blog above I still plan to log in every once in a while.